Megapundit Extra: Endorsement Watch 2008

The editorialists at Canada’s daily newspapers aren’t what we’d call over the moon about Stephen Harper and his Conservatives, but those willing to come down on one side or the other are calling it all but universally for the incumbents.

If anyone spots any others out there, please drop us a line.

UPDATE: Thanks, all, for the input. I counted the separate CanWest and Sun Media endorsements even though I assume all were figuratively (literally?) whipped into line because they are, well, separate endorsements. I shouldn’t have counted the Winnipeg and Toronto Sun endorsements separately, however, because they’re identical. My bad.

And, briefly leaving the world of the dailies, here’s The Economist (rather impudently, we think) declaring it “unwarranted” to oust Mr. Harper because “he is hardworking, and a skilled parliamentary tactician,” who “governs a rather successful country that needs incremental improvement, not a revolution.” Feh. We’re sick of incremental improvement. And the day a bunch of crumpet-eaters in Westminster tells us what’s unwarranted is the day hell freezes over!

Endorsing Stephen Harper and/or the Conservatives:

Brampton Guardian (thanks Sean)

Calgary Herald

Edmonton Journal

Fredericton Daily Gleaner (“with many reservations”)

The Globe and Mail

Kitchener-Waterloo Record (thanks Jenn & Olaf)

Montreal Gazette

National Post (majority)

Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa Sun

Prince George Citizen (majority)

Sudbury Star (minority)

Sun Media (Calgary, Toronto, and Winnipeg)

Vancouver Province (majority)

Vancouver Sun (majority)

Windsor Star

Winnipeg Free Press

Endorsing Stéphane Dion and/or the Liberals:

Toronto Star

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