Men have it tough (seriously)

Guys made up more than two-thirds of the 129,000 jobs lost in Canada

With today’s horrible unemployment numbers, more than 3.6 million American jobs have disappeared since the start of the recession. But men have borne the brunt of the downturn meaning for the first time ever in the U.S. women are likely to surpass men in the workforce, reports the New York Times. As of November, women held 49.1 per cent of the country’s jobs. The hardest hit industries, manufacturing and construction,  happen to overwhelmingly employee men. Now, with them out of the picture, it’s increasingly falling on women to support American households. Only on a heck of a lot less money, since women are more more likely to work part-time, in lower paying jobs. Take the case of Javed and Nasreen Mohammed. He lost his $150,000 sales job last year. Now the couple are living off her $30,000 a year small business. “It’s peanuts,” she says. Could the same happen here? More than two-thirds of the 129,000 jobs lost in Canada in January were held by men.

The New York Times