Men marrying wealthier women

Wives increasingly have more money, education than husbands

As women’s job titles and salaries are improving—men lost three of every four jobs shed in the latest recession—men are increasingly likely to marry women with more education and income than they have, the New York Times reports. A new study from the Pew Research Centre examined Americans aged 30 to 44, the first generation in which more women than men have college degrees; and since the 1970s, women’s earnings have been increasing faster than their counterparts’. Women with college degrees are more likely to marry today than less educated women. “We’ve known for some time that men need marriage more than women from the standpoint of physical and mental well-being,” said Stephanie Coontz, research director for the Council on Contemporary Families, a research and advocacy group. “Now it is becoming increasingly important to their economic well-being as well.”

New York Times