Men's hockey: Switzerland 5 Norway 4 (OT) -

Men’s hockey: Switzerland 5 Norway 4 (OT)

Swiss play lacklustre game, but squeeze out a win


Goal at 2:28 goes to Romano Lemm, who collected the rebound. But wow! What an effort by Sandy Jeannin going to the net. Great goal.

Norway, meantime, has nothing to be ashamed of.


The Swiss get a nice goal on the power play by Severin Blindenbacher, who snuck in from the point for a tap in. The passer was Hnat Domenichelli, pride of Edmonton and a former Kamloops Blazer.

Then, inexplicably, they let Norway back into it. With 7:42 left, you have to think Swiss coach Ralph Krueger, who is from Winnipeg, is displeased.

The crowd in here is having blast. There are a lot of fans rooting for both teams (Canadians seem to favour Norway). Cowbells galore; a guy with a trumpet playing “Tequila;” a confused fellow wearing an HC Davos jersey with a Canadian flag as a cape. Someone blew up a giant, inflatable kangaroo and the crowd began bouncing it around.

On the scoreboard they just showed a guy with the Olympic rings reverse-shaved into his chest. By that I mean, he shaved away all the hair except the Olympic rings.

I think a lot of people didn’t get home last night.

Team Canada-game crowds are a bit boring by comparison.


More evidence the Swiss were put on this Earth for the sole reason of making Team Canada miserable: they’re pooching against the Norwegians.

A Swiss colleague here in the press box says his county’s team “doesn’t like games where they spend most of the time with puck.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a hockey team that felt that way.