Mexico fights back

Canadian diplomats will need visas to enter Mexico

Mexico isn’t going to accept new Canadian visa restrictions–which require all travelers from Mexico and the Czech Republic to obtain visas before entering Canada–without a fight. Thursday, Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa announced that Canadian officials and diplomats will now need visas to enter Mexico. “We stated with a great deal of respect, but also very firmly, that we were in disagreement with this [Canadian] measure,” Espinosa explained. But she also confirmed that the 1.3 million Canadian tourists who visit Mexico each year will not be forced to get visas. Ottawa announced its new requirements earlier this week, citing skyrocketing numbers of refugee claimants from both countries. The number of refugee claims to Canada from Mexico has almost tripled to more than 9,400 since 2005. Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney say they will work with Mexican officials “to straighten this out.”

CBC News