Michael's Gambit

So Michael Ignatieff woke up to a nasty Sunday morning surprise — our their Kady has the most fun with the story, of course. I also agree with Susan Delacourt — while there is a question of journalistic ethics here, but the Liberals should not make that the focus of their response. I’m also not super interested in the question of who is behind this, since he (or, less likely, she) is merely the agent of a substantial constituency within the party.

The weakness of the support for Michael Ignatieff is a consequence of a number of factors, not all of which are directly related to Ignatieff’s own weaknesses. The Liberals are paying the price — AGAIN — of not having had a proper leadership campaign. It’s like they say about civil wars: they have to be fought until once side is either decimated or capitulates out of exhaustion. Negotiated settlements just leave the antagonistic power structures intact.

Ignatieff didn’t win the leadership, he was installed. So maybe the time has come for him to force the issue: Tell the party to  back him or sack him. You have to think that either outcome would be preferable to the status quo.

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