Mike Danton returns to Canada

Former St. Louis Blue says murder conspiracy took place during time when he "wasn't thinking clearly"

Mike Danton, the former NHLer convicted of plotting to kill his sports agent, is now back in Canada awaiting full parole, the Ottawa Citizen reports today. The 28-year-old was moved from his U.S. jail on March 19 under Canada’s bilateral agreement with the U.S. on prisoner transfers, and is now eligible for full parole under Canadian law. The Citizen got an interview with Danton, who says he hopes to make an NHL comeback. But he sheds little light on his plot to kill David Frost, the agent who was acquitted on sexual exploitation charges. “Obviously, I wasn’t in the best of minds and obviously I wasn’t thinking clearly,” he says. The story also suggests Danton’s been in contact with Frost—something parole officials
in Canada might be interested to know.

Ottawa Citizen

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