“Miracle” newborn survives fall through toilet onto train tracks

Mother jumps from the train in India to rescue her daughter

In what has rightly been declared a “miracle,” a newborn baby girl has survived falling onto train tracks in India after being born in the train’s lavatory, the Telegraph reports. Pregnant Rinku Debi Ray was travelling with her husband and four-year-old to her parents’ home in Bihar, where she planned to deliver her second child, when she felt sharp stomach pains. She went to the washroom to alleviate them, and suddenly gave birth. The baby fell into the lavatory bowl and through the flap onto the tracks under the speeding train. Ray ran out of the lavatory and jumped from the carriage to find the child. Her husband, who pulled the emergency cord after seeing her jump, found her by the train track cradling the newborn girl in her arm. Mother and daughter are recovering from the ordeal in hospital.

The Telegraph

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