Disappearing South Carolina Governor admits affair

Mark Sanford skipped the country for some quality time with his mistress

We already found out where Governor Mark Sanford went; now we know why he went there. At a press conference, the conservative South Carolina governor admitted that his mysterious trip to Buenos Aires was connected to an extra-marital affair with a “dear dear friend from Argentina”—an affair he had been carrying on for a year. He said that his wife, who denied knowledge of his whereabouts, had known about the affair for five months. Sanford, who says he went to Buenos Aires last week to break off the affair, will resign his position as head of the Republican Governor’s association. The governor, who became famous for his opposition to President Obama’s stimulus package, had been widely viewed as a possible presidential candidate for 2012. Instead it looks like he’ll go commiserate with John Edwards, John Ensign, and Eliot Spitzer.

New York Times

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