Mother of Amanda Todd is angry she wasn't invited to B.C.'s anti bullying summit

VANCOUVER – The mother of the girl bullied into suicide is upset because she was left out of the B.C. government’s anti-bullying summit in Vancouver yesterday.

Carol Todd says she asked to observe the summit, but was told by an education ministry official that her presence might upset fragile students in attendance.

Todd says she knows B.C. Premier Christy Clark mentioned her daughter, Amanda, during the conference and it would have been nice if she had been invited.

Education Minister Don McRae confirms that Todd’s mother was asked not to attend.

He says ministry workers consulted with their anti-bullying experts who recommended that Todd’s participation wouldn’t be appropriate with young people attending, so they decided to err on the side of caution.

Fifteen-year-old Amanda Todd took her own life last month after she was sexually exploited online and then relentlessly bullied by her peers.(CKNW)