MPs pull all-nighters as Canada Post debate drags on -

MPs pull all-nighters as Canada Post debate drags on

Surviving on pizza, lemon-water and scotch


The opposition NDP is pulling out all the stops to delay the passage of the Conservatives’ Canada Post back-to-work legislation for as long as possible. At each stage of the debate, every single member of the NDP is rising to speak for 10 to 20 minutes. MPs are reportedly pulling all-nighters as the debate is expected to continue into the week end. Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae called the whole situation “shambolic,” saying the Conservatives could have simply accepted NDP amendments to the legislation that called for a “mediation/arbitration” process. The Globe and Mail reported on Friday that MPs are sleeping on office couches and surviving on pizza and lemon-water. The paper also reported that members of the Bloc Québecois broke out some scotch at some point early Friday morning. The NDP is alleging the government’s legislation is a slap in the face for striking workers since it will give them lower wage rates than Canada Post had originally offered. The Conservatives maintain the legislation necessary to reinstitute mail delivery in Canada, which they say is a vital service in the Canadian economy.

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