MPs, Senators spend more than $250k on foreign travel

Documents tabled report $277,160 spent on 15 trips abroad

Parliamentarians tabled documents on Monday which reported MPs and senators spent more than a quarter of a million dollars on out-of-country trips. MPs and Senators spent $277,160 on 15 trips abroad, including a Conservative MP, a Liberal Senator and secretary’s $19,154 six-day trip to Brazil. The transportation bill for the two politicians and the secretary was $15,618, while hotels cost $1,813 and per diems totaled $1,360. Other trips included a $30,057 trip to Warsaw, Poland and Strasbourg by a Liberal Senator. A Conservative Senator took part in the Warsaw portion of the trip. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said the trips should be reviewed by the Auditor General, but also said cultural exchanges are good for Canadian diplomacy.
The Hill Times