MPs to discuss private member's motion to examine whether a fetus is a human being -

MPs to discuss private member’s motion to examine whether a fetus is a human being


Members of Parliament in Ottawa will discuss today a private member’s motion put forth by backbench Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth, who has requested a debate “to look at the question of how we decide what is a human being and who we decide is a human being,” Postmedia News reports.

Woodworth, who is pro-life, wants to explore whether Canadian law should consider a fetus as a human being. If MPs agree to look further into the matter with a vote in the coming months, then a special committee would begin hearings with experts on the matter. And then the Commons could find itself reopening the discussion about Canada’s abortion laws.

Some consider the abortion debate has effectively been reopened with this motion. As this Canadian Press video shows, NDP MPs are already taking a stand, lining up with the pro-choice camp, opposing any attempt to change the status quo.

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