Mr. Ignatieff goes to Washington -

Mr. Ignatieff goes to Washington

He’ll speak about Afghanistan and meet with Obama’s advisors


Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is off to Washington this week to meet with some of President Barack Obama’s top advisors—including dinners with friends Richard Holbrooke, Larry Summers, Samantha Power and Cass Sunstein, all now close associates of the American president. Ignatieff will also speak to a private conference on Afghanistan and meet with Barney Frank, chairman of the House Representatives Financial Services Committee. Unnamed Liberals are understandably excited. “This shows how highly regarded Michael Ignatieff is to leading figures in the Obama administration,” an “insider” gushes to CTV. Liberals are also hopeful that Ignatieff can meet with President Obama at a later date, just as then-opposition leader Brian Mulroney once travelled to D.C. to meet Ronald Reagan before being elected prime minister.


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