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“Mr. Premier, tear down this fence!”

Protests spur VANOC into considering changing the fence around Olympic cauldron


After public protest, VANOC says it’s considering making changes to the chain link fence that blocks the public’s clear view of the Olympic cauldron. This morning, one man called out “Mr. Premier, tear down this fence!,” a reference to Ronald Regan’s famous directive about the Berlin Wall. Taking down the fence altogether isn’t an option for security and safety reasons, says VANOC. Still, there’s hope that changes that will allow tourists to feel closer to the four-pronged flame. “Looking through a fence, it’s just a sad feeling,” said one Vancouverite who had brought his daughter to see the flame. Another visitor noted the fence was at odds with the Olympic spirit: “I don’t understand why we need a 10-foot fence with concrete abutments to protect the Olympic flame, which is supposed to be about peace, harmony, global  partnerships and all that great stuff.”

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