Mubarak supporters confront protesters in Cairo -

Mubarak supporters confront protesters in Cairo

More than 100 wounded in violent clashes


The day after President Hosni Mubarak announced he would not stand for reelection in Egypt’s upcoming elections, protesters clashed with Mubarak supporters in Cairo on Wedneday. More than 100 people were reportedly wounded when groups of pro-government supporters entered Tahrir square and both sides began throwing rocks and other debris at each other. Mubarak opponents accused the pro-government demonstrators of being paid off by Mubarak to provoke and disrupt the crowd. The government’s supporters, meanwhile, are calling the anti-government protesters “thugs” who have brought anarchy to a once stable nation. Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei has called for military intervention over fears the scene could “turn into a bloodbath.”

Al Jazeera English

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