Muskoka handed $50 million for 'inconvenience' of hosting G8

Toronto shut out of 'legacy' spending spree

The federal government compensated the Muskoka region to the tune of $50 million for “inconveniences” related to hosting world leaders during the G8 summit. Toronto, on the other hand, had no such luck—despite the security issues, closed streets and businesses, and damages to property that occurred during the G20 in the city. Federal officials said much of the generous funding for G8 “legacy” projects was never meant for the summit, but rather as payback to people in the Parry Sound-Muskoka region, a riding held by Industry Minister Tony Clement. Residents across Muskoka saw new sidewalks, public washrooms, bridges and a resurfaced airport runway paid for by the summit “slush” fund, opposition MPs charged Thursday. Many have questioned why Toronto, which hosted the larger G20 meeting and was ground zero for the protesters, was denied similar financial help. So far, officials have been unable to explain why Toronto wasn’t compensated as well.

Toronto Star