Muslim protesters burn poppies in London -

Muslim protesters burn poppies in London

Protesters say Armistice Day honours “British terrorists”


Roughly 35 Islamic protesters, many masked, demonstrated in London on Armistice Day, carrying banners that read “Islam will dominate” and “Hands off Muslim lands.” The group burnt a giant red poppy in Hyde Park at 11 a.m., just as millions of Britons and Canadians observed two minutes of silence to honour soldiers past and present. “The British soldiers you remember on this day are soldiers who have taken innocent lives in illegal occupations and unjust wars,” Asad Ullah a 23-year-old protester told The Telegraph. He added: “We will do this again. Until the British people condemn the British Government for these illegal wars, we will not stop protesting.” Members of the group clashed with police as they made their way through Kensington. Around 50 counter-demonstrators organized by the anti-Muslim English Defence League gathered nearby, but officers managed to keep the two groups apart. Three people were arrested in a scuffle, including one Muslim protester who assaulted a police officer. The officer was sent to hospital with a head injury.

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