My crazy Afghan wedding panel

Sorry for the ongoing lack of blogging. I’m becoming one of those people, as Rex Sorgatz tweeted the other day, who wonders how anyone has time to blog.

Anyway, as I noted the last time I posted here, I was asked  to moderate a panel on Canada’s presence in Afghanistan post-2011. It was a good lineup, including former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan Chris Alexander, Bob Rae, Terry Glavin,  Jawed Ludin (the Afghan ambassador) and Najia Haneefi.

Turns out Afghans don’t distinguish between a political panel and a 300-person wedding, so the thing was held in the Taj Banquet Hall on Steeles Avenue in North Toronto,  which was basically an extension of the Kia dealership next door. I think every Afghan Canadian within a thousand kilometers was there, including about 30 kids running around.

Anyway, it was pretty interesting in about ninety different ways. You’ll get my take on the event in the magazine this week. The only non-Afghan media I saw there was the Tory blogger Dr. Roy, who has a writeup and pics.

Finally, if you are interested, the discussion was pegged to this paper by Chris Alexander, which is well worth your time.

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