Name Coyne's Blog II

Aight, here’s the deal. I’ve been quietly hoping AC would take the hint and name his blog on his own, but he’s being stubborn. So, it has come to this: Here are what I think are the best of the suggestions. Andrew has till the end of the weekend to pick one. If he refuses, I’m going to have to ask Ken Whyte to choose one, or — ARE YOU LISTENING ANDREW?? — ask Ken to come up with his own.


1. Andrew Coyne’s Blog (status quo option)
2. Andrew-POV (don’t spell it, say it. It’s great)
3. Coyne of the Realm (shit, but about 10 people suggested it)
4. Mint Coyne (submitted via my facebook site after I closed comments, you bloody stalkers)
5. Pro and Coyne (not bad, not bad at all)
6. Seriously, WTF? (Because you want Zen simplicity, AC? This is Zen simplicity)

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