Navy SEALs punished for consulting on Medal of Honor

Seven members of the elite Navy SEAL Team 6 have been punished after they consulted on the video game Medal of Honor, says a report from CBS News.

The report, from national security correspondent David Martin, says that the men worked for two days as paid consultants for video game company Electronic Arts and it says they allegedly used classified information in their consulting.

Another report from AP says that the SEALs are in trouble for not asking permission for the consulting gig, and then for showing specially designed combat equipment to game producers.

One of those involved was part of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, Martin reports. All men reportedly remain in active duty and their punishment included a letter of reprimand and a financial penalty.

Medal of Honor Warfighter was released on Oct. 23 and marketing used to promote the game boasts its authenticity. “For the first time in Medal of Honor, we’re consulting closely with not only Tier 1 Operators from the U.S. but also Tier 1 Operators from around the globe including the Polish GROM, the Australian SASR, the German KSK and more,” reads the game website.