NDP tables bill to stem party-switching

Bill calls for by-elections when MPs jump ships

The NDP is backing a private member’s bill to prevent politicians from switching parties in the House of Commons. MPs who wish to register under a different party than the one under whose banner they were elected, would have to run in a by-election. The requirement would not apply to members who decide to sit as independents. It’s not the first time similar bills bubble up in Parliament, but CBC’s Kady O’Malley speculates that this time New Democrats in particular may be concerned about flip-flops from within their own ranks. “Imagine this scenario,” she writes, “a post-leadership split within the party results in a good chunk of its Quebec caucus–to pick one at random–setting up shop under a new name and leader, much like the MPs who would become founding members of the Bloc Quebecois did in 1990.”


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