New human ancestor found?

Unknown type of pre-human found in Siberia

A previously unknown type of pre-human, which lived alongside modern humans and Neanderthals, has been discovered after genetic material was recovered from a pinky finger bone unearthed in a Siberian cave, Reuters reports. Nicknamed “Woman X,” this being might have lived as recently as 30,000 years ago, but appears to be only distantly related to modern humans or Neanderthals. In the journal Nature, a team from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany said they sequenced DNA from mitochondria in the cell, which is passed down almost entirely intact from woman to child. After comparing it to DNA from humans, Neanderthals and apes, they realized its line diverged about one million years ago from the line that gave rise to humans and Neanderthals which split 500,000 years ago. “It really just looked like something we had never seen before,” researcher Johannes Krause told reporters. “It was a sequence that looked something like humans but really quite different.”


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