New poll has NDP tied with Liberals for second place

But survey shows surge of support for New Democrats could drop off by election day

Four weeks into the election campaign, the NDP are tied with the Liberals for second place in a new Angus Reid survey. The poll shows both the NDP and the Liberals sitting even at 25 per cent support nationally, while the Conservatives continue to enjoy a comfortable 11-point lead at 36 per cent. The Bloc Québécois are at 9 per cent support, and the Greens trail with 5 per cent. There is some doubt as to whether the NDP can maintain that support come election day, as 41 per cent of respondents who supported the NDP also said they may change their minds and vote strategically in a bid to prevent a Tory majority. “Jack Layton did quite well in that debate and he’s attracting the attention of a lot of people, but he hasn’t really locked down their votes yet,” says Angus Reid Public Opinion vice-president Jaideep Mukerji.

Toronto Star

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