NFL ref rage fuels swift response from armchair quarterbacks

Frustration reached new heights Monday as fans and players tweeted obscenities while meme generators worked overtime

NFL ref rage fuels swift response from armchair quarterbacks

Frustration with replacement refs in the National Football League reached new heights on Monday evening as coaches chased refs, fans tweeted obscenities and meme generators got stuck in overdrive:

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NFL REF RAGE.Matt Wittyngham
These games are a joke.Troy Aikman
Okay, TOTALLY TIME for the Cheap Assed Owners to PONY UP!! These refs are in Over their heads!!! OBVIOUSLY!!!Samuel L. Jackson
referee in the NFL worse than Mel GibsonThe Iron Sheik
Dear #NFL, I think I speak for everyone when I say BRING THE REAL REFS BACK!!!Men’s Humor
The NFL replacement refs right now Libra Sep. 28
NFL this is an embarrassment! Please get the real refs back.mark schlereth
is this ref situation worse than a lockout? i think it might be… #NFFailAdam Rosen
Sort of hilarious that all players are leaving the field and refs are still on the field dumb founded uncertain what to do. #NFL = #NFaiL
#NFFAIL Bingaman
The only thing in the #NFL more broken than #PeteCarrolls Nose are these #ReplacmentOfficialsScott Timko
Got to hand it to Green Bay for coming back for extra point – I don’t think I’d do the same #NFaiL #EndTheStrikePlease
If that doesn’t end the owners’ lockout of the real refs, I don’t know what will. The NFL looks like the WWE.Skip Bayless
NFL Replacement REFS are a joke Florida Gents
LOL at the NFL. What an absolute joke.Brett Caramalis
Troy Aikmen wants you back. Willie Nelson wants you back. NASA wants you back & the Bush twins want you backJoelle Nicole
Dear NFL Refs, please come back! Greig
RT @jager42: Nfl refs… Lmao #truestory Zieman
@nfl refs tonight! #smh #idiots Cox
Thanks for the support.Dezman Moses
Fuck it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.TJ Lang
#NFL C’MON MAN! Can’t even be upset anymore. All I can do is laugh. Laugh at the #NFL for allowing America’s game to come this. WOW!Greg Jennings
“@Madalyn_Palash: @TJLang70 @JermichaelF88 @GregJennings @nfl #refs”. Love it!Greg Jennings
Not only did the Replacement Refs blow the game, they also made Twitter explode. #nflCrystal