NHL lockout? Who cares: Canada just won gold!

Hockey Night in Canada, circa 2010

NHL Lockout: who cares? Canada just won gold!

Many Canadians remember exactly where they were when Canada won the gold medal in men’s hockey at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. But just in case anyone forgot, TSN rebroadcast the gold-medal game against the U.S.A.

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TSN showing the 2010 Olympic gold medal game. Truly is hockey at its finest. #Crosby #OTmagicBrandon Gilfoy
Watching the 2010 olympic gold medal game!! I know how it ends, and I still got goosebumps!! #TSN #canada #goldRyan Kereluk
TSN is replaying the Canada v USA Olympic men’s hockey gold medal game. This is a good chance to brag about being there Graham
The NHL may still be in lockout mode, but Canada’s overtime triumph shows that there’s always something worthwhile to watch for hockey fans north of the border. Again and again.
Olympic Gold medal game is on #TSN this much better then rained out baseballDrew Milliken
Watching Team Canada vs Team USA 2010 Olympic gold medal game rewind on TSN. Amazing hockey!
With Canada up 2-1 with just minutes to play, the whole nation waited with bated breath. Then heartbreak…
@strombone1 that was a softy my friend!! #Goldmedalgame #TSN @rayferrarotsn
The Americans tied up the game to send it to overtime, but that only set things up for the most epic of finishes. Akin to memories of Paul Henderson scoring in the final moments against Russia in the 1972 Summit Series, many Canadians remember exactly where they were when Sydney Crosby scored the gold-medal winner.
Ahh, Crosby scores! Where were you? I was hiding under the sheets of my bed with some of the highest anxiety I’ve ever felt.Amanda Stein
Crosby Scores!!!!! Ohh my I remember running around and jumping up and down! #tsnrewind #gocanadaMichaela Brunton
I remember where I was for Crosby’s golden goal in 2010: at a bar in Victoria and there was absolute hysteria at that moment. #tsnrewindRemo Zaccagna
Watching gold medal hockey re-run on tsn. Remember the bar going insane when Crosby scored. #NeedMyFix #GoCanadaGoAlex Lehr
And sure, everyone remembers Sidney Crosby scored, but in that didn’t stop the overtime predictions coming in.
I’m taking Crosby. Who’s everybody got? #tsn #rewindToronto Truculent
I say Crosby scores the winner #tsn #goldengoalRandon Mackinnon
2010 Vancouver olypmic gold medal game is on TSN right now, if Crosby scores the game winner im Goin on a two week benderBryce Veuger
Love that TSN pointed out that Crosby yelled "Iggy" to get the puck before scoring the Golden goal. Best players want/demand the puck.Sheldon Keefe
And then….
"Crosby scores! Sidney Crosby, The Golden Goal! And Canada has once in a lifetime.. OLYMPIC GOLD!" #TeamCanadaRewind @CCtsnKyle Foxton
Watching the gold medal game Canada vs. USA
Crosby scores!!!! #TheGoldenGoal ! Wooooo
Let the party begin!
The 2010 Gold Medal game. A day i’ll never forget
Who wants to go celebrate olympic gold?Brett Reynolds
Got chills watching the gold medal game again on TSN#historywasmade