No more anthem screw-ups

The contest to find a new Hockey Night in Canada song begins.  It’s hard to see how this ends well for the CBC. Whatever they pick will inevitably be compared to the actual hockey song. And to hockey fans, it’s going to sound about as pleasant as a puck to the ear. Mark my words, this is going to be PR disaster Round 2. 

But at least it’ll be a disaster the CBC actually owns this time. Here’s what the contest rules say about the winning entry:

Entrant(s) of the winning Theme will receive $100,000.00 Cdn. (in total) for an assignment of copyright, and a waiver of moral rights, in the winning Theme’s composition, including its lyrics, and ownership of the Master Recording of the Entry. This amount will be inclusive of all scale and collective agreement fees, rates and entitlements. Any taxes (including income tax) associated with any award to Entrants are not included, and are the responsibility of the Entrant(s). CBC will grant a non-exclusive licence to the Songwriter(s) to perform the Theme themselves live in public venues, but not for broadcast or telecommunication, or to offer to the public in pre-recorded form (e.g. CD, DVD, mp3, mpeg, etc.)