No more pardons for pedophiles -

No more pardons for pedophiles

The feds move to close a dangerous loophole


The federal Tories have introduced sweeping legislation that will eliminate pardons for convicted pedophiles and other repeat criminals. Under the current system, sexual predators like Graham James—the notorious minor hockey coach who abused future NHLers Theoren Fleury and Sheldon Kennedy—can have their criminal records purged with a simple application, making it much easier to hide their past and sneak back behind the bench with children. The new law will close that dangerous loophole. “The current system of pardons implies that what the person did is somehow OK, or is forgiven, or that the harm done has somehow disappeared,” said Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. In fact, the term “pardon” will also be eliminated as part of the new law. Convicted criminals looking for a fresh start will now apply for a “records suspension.”

Source: Montreal Gazette

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