Go big on Asia? No Se Ri

 This is as good an explanation I’ve seen yet for the LPGA’s linguistic ultimatum. Unless you’ve been following the fortunes of Se Ri Pak and Karrie Webb, the tour’s financial challenges were probably not something you were aware of.

Still, as Robert Thompson concludes, dwindling interest and desperation are no excuse for discrimination. And given the obvious surge of interest in women’s golf taking place in Korea, you’d think the tour might move more of its eggs into the Asian basket rather than scrapping it out for what’s left of the U.S. sports market. Or forcing its Asian players to learn the lingua franca of American couch potatoes.

A quick perusal of the LPGA calendar shows one tournament per year in South Africa, France, the U.K., Canada, Japan and China. Two take place in Singapore. Mexico holds three. The vast majority—25—occur on U.S. soil. 

Number of events scheduled for South Korea? One.

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