North Korea says it's ready for "sacred war" with south

Country ready for “sacred war of justice” using nuclear deterrent

Tensions are escalating between North and South Korea, as the North has accused South Korea of preparing for war by holding live-fire exercises near the border of the two countries, using tanks, helicopters and fighter planes – one of the largest drills in South Korea’s history, the BBC reports. Last month, North Korea shelled a Southern island and killed four people, which prompted South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to promise immediate retaliation to any further attack. Observers worry one side might feel compelled to act on these threats. The North has called Seoul’s military drills “warmongering.” “The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK are getting fully prepared to launch a sacred war of justice of Korean style based on the nuclear deterrent at anytime necessary to cope with the enemies’ actions deliberately pushing the situation to the brink of a war,” North Korean armed forces minister Kim Yong-chun said.

BBC News

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