North Korea threatens nuclear attack -

North Korea threatens nuclear attack

“Powerful” response, if U.S proceeds with military drills


North Korea is flexing its nuclear muscles again ­this time, in the lead-up to the joint U.S-South Korea military drills which are scheduled for early next month. If the U.S. proceeds with the drills, warn North Korean officials, it must expect a “powerful”-and possibly nuclear-response. Said a Korean People’s Army spokesman: “If the U.S. imperialists and South Korean warmongers launch the joint military exercises we will react to them with our powerful military counteraction, and if necessary, mercilessly destroy the bulwark of aggression by mobilizing all the offensive and defensive means including nuclear deterrent.” North Korea pulled out of six-nations disarmament negotiations last year. Its latest threats were made just hours after a U.S. special envoy arrived in Seoul.


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