Not giggling anymore...

Three Saskatchewan men will appear in court over duck-shooting video

The Youtube video shows three men giggling as they shoot at a flock of ducklings from a parked car. Now, that video has landed the men a day in court. On Monday, three Saskatoon-area residents will face a number of charges under the federal Migratory Bird Convention Act and the Saskatchewan Wildlife Act. When the video capturing the duck hunt was released online last week, it spurred a public outcry, prompting the Saskatchewan and Alberta government—in addition to the Canadian Humane Society—to offer rewards for any information that could help identify the three men. After a few phone calls came into provincial tip lines, the accused were arrested on Saturday. This isn’t the only time that YouTube has landed Canadians in trouble with the law. Just last week, a Quebec couple was investigated after a video surfaced showing their seven-year-old son driving the family car.

Canwest News Service