Not impressed: McKayla Maroney meets Barack Obama

'I pretty much do that face at least once a day,' president tells gymnast

Not impressed: McKayla Maroney meets Barack Obama

McKayla Maroney and her Fierce Five teammates met Barack Obama on Thursday.

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Did I just do the Not Impressed face with the President..?McKayla Maroney
Answer? Yes. And on Saturday morning, the White House released the photo evidence.
Here’s the President of the United States striking the pose the U.S. gymnast assumed after winning silver at the London Olympics. 
“I, like, freaked out,” the gymnast said of Obama’s photo request.  
President Barack Obama And McKayla Maroney Are Not Impressed. Olympics
“I pretty much do that face at least once a day,” the president told Maroney.
The photo has since been shared and reshared: 
President Obama and @McKaylaMaroney are not impressed: via @petesouza.Jay Carney (EOP)
@McKaylaMaroney this is what my aunt sent me this morning. So OK, this pic has gone viral hahaha lol Maroney Fan
Since Maroney’s silver showing at the London Olympics, her image has appeared in many unlikely places: 
Someone add Obama PLEASE!!! RT @cfbsection: McKayla Maroney and Ole Miss chick M.
RT @realmadridmemes: McKayla is not impressed with Cristiano∑M
McKayla Maroney has a good sense of humour… #notimpressedVincent Battaglia
@BleacherReport Lane Kiffin, McKayla Maroney. Not impressed. Mazariegos
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