Noted on Twitter: 'Marty the Horse is why other countries make fun of us'

In the name of tradition, the Royal York opened its doors — eventually — to Marty the Horse

Royal York opens doors (eventually) to Marty the Horse

CP News Item: (TORONTO) — The Royal York hotel has opened its doors to Marty the horse. Stamp fans got their chance to recreate a Grey Cup tradition by marching the 15-year-old stallion through the upscale Toronto hotel. The Royal York had turned them away earlier in the day:

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Marty the horse has arrived at the Royal York, will they let him in? We’ll find out shortly #sl D’Souza
The Royal York cited safety concerns as it turned the stallion away. 
We understand everyone’s disappointment but cannot let Marty the horse inside due to safety concerns for guests, staff and Marty.Fairmont Royal York
Sent on his way, Marty made his way through other Toronto buildings:
Not only did we invite Marty INSIDE @Citynews we gave him a @City_tv toque! D’Souza
Line of the day regarding Marty the horse being locked out goes to @bruce_arthur : "It was like the National Energy Program for horses." Ha.Jason Fekete
#Marty is a new member of the @citynews family McGlone
Marty the horse has been invited back at 2pm today. Marty will stroll through the front doors as per the Grey Cup tradition.Fairmont Royal York
So the Royal York has finally opened its doors to Marty, the @calstampeders horse. What. A. Day. Platek
The Horse has arrived at the Fairmont Royal York! @100thGreyCup #100GC #fairmont #toronto #GreyCup #Stampeders #CFL Kouvalis
RT @scratchingpost: Crowd waiting in the lobby of the Royal York for the #CalStampeders horse "Marty." Some traditions are weird. #100GC Insomnia
Marty the Horse is IN the Royal York Toronto! The Calgary Stampeders invasion! #YeeHa! #GreyCupFever #TorontoSteve Kovacs
I’m just happy the lockout is over! And by that I mean the @FairmontRYH allowing Marty the @calstampeders horse into the lobby.Bill Cooney
RT @jamienye: Hotel chef made some grub for Marty the Horse #100GC Taillon
Marty the Horse and some Calgary Stampeders cheerleaders at the Royal York Hotel. #SunGreyCup Sun
Marty has left the building: Marty the Stampeder horse exits after historic equine visit to Royal York hotel. Exemplary bathroom behaviour.Mike Beamish
Marty’s having a pint at McVeighs in #toronto! Sutherland
And just when I started to wonder when — nay, IF — it would happen, Marty the Horse joins twitter: @City_HorseRebecca Tucker
Now there’s a marty the horse twit account? You ppl need to get a life lol►Mr.Precious◄
Marty the Horse wanders into several TO pubs until security escorts him out of Royal York.Sounds remarkably similar 2 my 1st year at RyersonCTV – Chris Epp
Wait, Marty the Horse is allowed in the Royal York lobby, but when I try to check in with my pet meerkat then it’s "against the rules"?!?Jon Kane
Marty the Horse is why other countries make fun of us.Mike Spry
It’s going to be so sad when Marty the horse has to enter rehabBruce Arthur