Noted on Twitter: People tweeting photos of other people raking

Forget about that tree in the forest. The real question: If a leaf falls and nobody tweets about it, do you still need a rake?

Noted on Twitter: People raking

Signs of autumn: Tweeted photographs of leaves and rakes and so on. Some general themes from the Twitterverse:

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1. Denial of autumn:
Nothing like a good game of fall golf. Next time my 5 wood is being replaced with a rake Owens
2. Acceptance of the turn in seasons:
Autumn is here. Leaves are turning red. Can’t wait to see them all turn red. Picked up a fallen red leaf~ :) 알렉산더
Yup it’s def fall #leaves Dunsing
We might be in need of a rake or two @RealBroseph @mynamesconor @slm5792 McIntosh
3. Next? General complaints about the job at hand:
Why does the tree in my front yard have so many damn leaves?! G.
4. … then? Complaints about equipment:
okay looks like i dont have to rake anymore! The rake just broke :’) Menkir
Broken rake. #NYG kisker
Lmfao takes a real hard worker to break the rake while taking care of the leaves ;) #workhard Lynn✨
Went to rake the front yard today and this is the only size of lawn rake we have. #FML Solberg
5. Also noted on Twitter: Parents taking photos of kids at work:
"But mom do I have to rake all of the leaves in the yard" lol
My moms making me rake leaves help
He decided he wanted to rake the leaves #hardworker Ruiz
6. … and dogs:
McKinley loves the leaves, she got so excited and made herself a little home Keegan Daddy was out raking leaves. I was not allowed to help since I kept trying to eat the rake.Turbo V. Woofenstein
I’ll just sit here while you rake the leaves… Dunn
7. Finally … people tweeting photos of a job well done: 
Leaves and @svoxcriado :)
full of leaves 3 feet tall this took a while and was tiring looks cool tho haha Garretson
RT @bloominwhereiam: My baby loves leaves! Lange
It took me like 1 hour to finally rake. ….half of the yard Lover
Rake up leafs, like a boss
How I rake my leaves #Creative #Genius Turtle
.@MCConner81 saved the day today by helping me rake leaves. 25 bags later and my yard pristine! Slay