Nova Scotia soldier gets four years for killing tent mate

Cpl. Kevin Megeney was shot and killed in Kandahar in 2007

Cpl. Matthew Wilcox was sentenced to four years behind bars and kicked out of the military on Wednesday for shooting a fellow Canadian soldier in Kandahar. Cpl. Kevin Megeney, Wilcox’s tent mate in Kandahar, was killed in the 2007 incident. During his trial, Wilcox said he thought he’d heard a gun being cocked behind him and mistakenly shot Megeney in self-defense. However, the Crown argued the two men had been playing a game of quick draw when Megeney was killed. There was initial speculation Wilcox would get off without a prison sentence, but the military judge ruled out that possibility Tuesday, announcing Wilcox would serve at least two years in prison. In handing down the four-year sentence on Wednesday, Cmdr. Peter Lamont, acknowledged the past friendship between the two men. However, he also said Wilcox’s actions were “part of a pattern of negligent behaviour.”

CBC News

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