Scott Simon on tweeting death: 'Dying is really the one universal experience'

NPR host: 'So much important flotsam in the wake of a life'

Scott Simon’s mother died last Monday evening, a death the NPR radio host shared with followers on Twitter.

“The heavens over Chicago have opened and Patricia Lyons Simon Newman has stepped onstage,” he tweeted.

In an interview with ABC on Sunday, Simon said he thought there was something that needed to be shared from his bedside vigil.

“I would sit there at her bedside, I would hold her hand, things would occur to me. And it was also a way of me taking notes. It was also a way of me keeping this experience. Dying is really the one universal experience. It’s something we’re all going to have.”

The NPR host has continued to share his experience with his some 1,265,000 followers:

The tweets are in full on Simon’s Twitter page @nprscottsimon.