@NYTOnIt Twitter account suspended after real New York Times complains

Tiff over trademark, The Times Is On It

The Times Is On It, a popular Twitter account that points out the sometimes obvious trend stories reported by The New York Times, was shut down after a complaint over a trademark violation from the paper.

The real New York Times concern with The Times Is On It, which tweets at @NYTOnIt, was with its avatar, which used a version of the letter “T” from The New York Times.

A spokesperson for the Times confirmed that they had, indeed, made a complaint and Twitter removed the account late Monday.

But, much to the joy of fans, the now avatar-less account made its reapperence Tuesday morning, shortly after 7 a.m. with this tweet:

The decision to reinstate the account came after the account’s creator, who identified himself as New York blogger and lawyer Benjamin Kabak, posted this statement on Facebook late Monday:

“Twitter has suspended my account over a claim from The Times that my avatar violates a trademark. I say fair use. Right now, I’m waiting for Twitter to process my request to fix the problem so I can get the account reenabled. But feel free to spread the word over how the country’s largest newspaper feels threatened by a small Twitter account right now.”

The @NYTOnIt account was named one of Time magazine’s 140 best Twitter feeds of 2012 and it has more than 20,000 followers.

Now those followers can get back to giggling as @NYTOnIt pokes fun at The New York Times trend stories. For example: