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Oakville baby spurs Lohan lawsuit

E-trade in court over talking toddler ad that mentions “Lindsay”


McAllister Kerr, a bubbly, hyperactive tot from Oakville who is just learning to speak, is at the heart of a $100 million (U.S.) lawsuit filed against the brokerage firm E-trade by Lindsay Lohan’s representatives. McAllister plays a smooth-talking, computer enhanced baby who explains to his girlfriend that he didn’t call her last night because he was busy on E-trade. In the course of his explanation, the other toddler jealously asks if he was hanging out with “that milkaholic Lindsay”—the seemingly innocent line at the core of the suit. Lohan’s representatives say she has single name recognition, like Madonna or Cher, meaning the simple use of Lindsay is a reference to her, and that the commercial is supposed to parody her life. The company that made the ad, for its part, says the name was picked as an in-joke about someone on its accounting team, while McAllister would rather do handstands and play with his toys then speak out on the issue.

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