On Two-tier Senators

And so, with the economy booming and the country’s books shipshape, we can now return to the pressing topic of Senate reform.

Today, Steven Fletcher introduced a bill to set term limits for new senators: eight years, non-renewable. after which they are pasture-ized, and given “the same severance as Members of the House of Commons.”

Whoops, did I say new senators? Not quite. The press release hasn’t been posted yet, but the new bill will apply to all senators appointed after the 2008 General Election, including the 18 that Harper appointed in a panic.

I’m not sure how this is supposed to work. Were Duffy, Brazeau, et al told that this bill was in the works? Was it a condition of appointment that these new senators promise to support this legislation? Is that legal?

I’m genuinely at sea here, not sure what I think about this. So like everything else, I toss it out to the crowd.

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