Ottawa eliminates two-for-one custody credit -

Ottawa eliminates two-for-one custody credit

New rules limit credits for pre-trial custody to time served


The federal government will no longer allow judges to grant double or triple credit to convicts for time served in pre-sentence custody. New rules implemented on Monday mandate a one-to-one ratio in reducing sentences for time already served, though judges can still award pre-sentencing credits using a 1.5-for-one ratio under extenuating circumstances, such as a trial being delayed through no fault of the accused. However, exceeding the one-to-one ratio will require judges to include a reason for doing so in the court record. In an interview with CTV News Channel, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said the previous system “was undermining people’s confidence in the criminal justice system,” and said the new rules have the “unanimous” support of provincial attorneys general.

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