Pauline Marois: the attempt on my life was politically motivated

Premier voices a theory about election night shooting

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois will be on Tout le monde en parle on Sunday night.

In the Radio-Canada teaser here, she says the attempt on her life by Richard Bain, the man who showed up at Metropolis on election night with guns and a host of psychological disorders, was politically motivated.

The person could well have grave psychological problems, but it remains that when he did what he did it was against a sovereignist, and demonstrating his fear he felt for the Anglophone community.

Incidentally or not, it’s not the first time a guest on Quebec’s top-rated talk show has openly mused about Bain’s intentions and state of mind. Last week, Mathieu Farhoud-Dionne, better known as Chafiik from the nationalist/sovereignist band Loco Locass, questioned why English Montreal radio station CJAD chose to broadcast an interview with Bain in the weeks following the assassination attempt. He said this:

Why did CJAD interview him a few weeks later? That was very, very weird. You have to ask is he crazy or not crazy? I don’t know.

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