PCs say Wynne's Liberals afraid to make decisions

TORONTO – The Progressive Conservatives say Ontario’s Liberal government is paralyzed with indecision and obsessed with public consultations.

PC Leader Tim Hudak says Kathleen Wynne has created 36 different panels to advise the government since she became premier last February, but hasn’t come up with a plan to boost the economy or create jobs.

Hudak says Wynne is postponing real decisions because her government is tired and out of new ideas.

He says the only way the Liberals have found to create jobs is to appoint their friends to government advisory panels.

Wynne says she’s not making any apologies for consulting the public on everything from ways to pay for public transit to how to support the horse racing industry.

She says Ontario would be a very different place if the previous Tory government had consulted anyone before it sold off Highway 407, slashed welfare rates and amalgamated municipalities.

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