Pelosi plays the villain in new children’s book -

Pelosi plays the villain in new children’s book

Right-wing author takes aim at Speaker of the House


Now right-wing Americans have another way to impress upon their kids the horror they believe is taking place in Congress. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is the central villain in a new children’s book by Fox News regular Katharine DeBrecht. In Help! Mom! The Radicals are Ruining My Country!, Pelosi provides the inspiration for Speaker Queenosi, a bug-eyed incarnation of evil whose socialist, out-of-touch policies prevent two little boys from selling swing sets, despite the fact that they need the profits to pay their workers. As Queenosi reasons, everyone deserves a swing set, even those who can’t afford one, “Little common people are entitled to a swingset just like the rest of you commoners.” But whether the little common people will catch on to the political message is another matter entirely.

Quill and Quire

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