Pere Sarkozy, Artiste Erotique

Why I love the French vol. MCXVIII:

Madrid: Pal Sarkozy, 80, father of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, is staging a surrealistic and erotic art exhibition in Madrid.

The 35 works on display, many of which combine painting with photomontage, have been made by Sarkozy and his German friend Werner Hornung, 60, with whom he formerly worked in advertising.

The works on display also include erotic portraits of women, though Sarkozy denied being a “Don Juan,” with the daily El Mundo quoting him as saying: “I have not had that many women.”

The two artists were not “obsessed” with women, Hornung said. “But we like women,” he added.


Is there anyone out there who has seen this exhibition? Any pictures, postcards, stills, cellphone fotos, etc. please send them here. I will send a free Sarko-Tee to anyone who can get me decent pictures of Father Sarkozy’s erotic art.