Peter Worthington: 'Time catches up with even the most indestructible men' -

Peter Worthington: ‘Time catches up with even the most indestructible men’


TORONTO, Cananda – Peter Worthington, the veteran newspaperman who co-founded the Toronto Sun, has died. He was 86.

His wife, Yvonne Crittenden, confirmed that her husband died on Sunday night.

The Toronto Sun said Monday on its website that Worthington was admitted to Toronto General Hospital last Thursday and diagnosed with a serious staph infection that compromised his heart, kidneys and other organs.

The Sun said he passed away at about midnight Sunday in hospital, surrounded by his wife and family, including his grandchildren.

Worthington, along with J. Douglas Creighton and Don Hunt, founded the Sun in 1971, along with about 60 former staffers from the defunct Toronto Telegram.

He served as executive editor and editor-in-chief of the paper, and also made two unsuccessful runs for political office.

During his career, he won four National Newspaper Awards, a National Newspaper Citation and was also named to the Canadian News Hall of Fame, the Sun said.

David Frum, Worthington’s son-in-law, remembers Worthington in a piece today on The Daily Beast: 

“A gifted athlete and a shrewd businessman, Peter Worthington excelled at everything he did. He seemed beyond ordinary human weakness: He suffered a heart attack thirty years ago and was saved by a bypass operation. He filed a series of columns for the Sun detailing his operation, and within a very few weeks afterward, celebrated his recovery by climbing China’s Mount Gonga.

Yet time catches up with even the most indestructible men.”

Frum says Worthington was admitted to hospital May 3 after suffering an “abrupt health crisis.” His family was with him until he died.

“Soon the fuller and longer tributes will come. But Peter, never one to trust others to get the story, has scooped us all by writing his own obituary, which will appear in tomorrow’s Toronto Sun – one last byline for the man who won more National Newspaper Awards than any other writer in Canadian history.

And if there is a Heaven, Pete’s already baffling the angelic editors of the local press by producing copy faster than they can use it.”

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