Alberta Premier Alison Redford vows to help flood victims

CALGARY – Alberta Premier Alison Redford has promised that the province will help flood victims put their lives back together.

Redford says the government will provide financial aid to communities that need to rebuild.

She says she has spoken to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has also promised disaster relief.

Redford is urging people to heed evacuation orders, so authorities can do their jobs.

“There are first responders who are asking communities to take steps to evacuate where possible and necessary, and … when that is asked … people really must leave, although it’s a very difficult thing to do,” she said at a news briefing in Calgary on Friday morning.

She called the flooding that has hit most of southern Alberta an “absolutely tragic situation” and admitted to personal concern for her constituency of Calgary Elbow, which lies along one of the rivers raging through the city.

Redford was in the area Thursday night.

“I took a look at property and community down there, and I’ve got to tell you: standing on a bridge, in the dark, when the power is out, listening to the roar of the river is terrifying.”

The premier warns that communities downstream of Calgary have not yet felt the full force of the floodwaters.