PMO lashes out at "Millionaire Ignatieff Economic Czar"

TD Bank CEO Ed Clark's call for higher taxes ruffles Conservative feathers

The Prime Minister’s Office has lashed out at TD Bank CEO Ed Clark for daring to suggest the federal government ought to consider increasing taxes to deal with Canada’s deficit. Clark told conference attendees in Florida last week “the Canadian population is extremely unhappy to see these deficits,” noting there was widespread support for tax hikes at a pre-budget consultation between Harper and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. “He doesn’t listen,” Clark said of Harper, “but you get to chat with him.” The PMO has since responded by accusing Clark of being a bourgeois shill for Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. An email to senior Conservatives—entitled “Millionaire Ignatieff Economic Czar Calls for Higher Taxes”—accused the Liberals of hiding behind the advice of “well-heeled economic advisers” to justify massive tax hikes for “working- and middle-class Canadians.” “Michael Ignatieff’s Bay Street buddy Ed Clark earned $11 million in 2009,” PMO staff wrote. “He can afford higher taxes. Can you?”

Toronto Star