Police say body parts belong to Montreal victim

Montreal police confirmed Wednesday that the hand and foot sent to two Vancouver schools by mail belong to the victim whose murder and dismemberment was possibly filmed and posted online. According to the National Post, police are now on the lookout for other parcels, specially one that would surface with the victim’s head, which is still missing.

From the National Post:

DNA tests still have to confirm a match between murder victim Jun Lin and the body parts delivered to the two elementary schools, but Montreal police said the hand and foot were “the same body parts that we are looking for” and confirmed both packages were shipped from Montreal.

Montreal police took over the investigation on the severed body parts sent to Vancouver schools on Wednesday, following Monday’s arrest of the main suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta in Berlin. The packages sent to Vancouver schools, as well as those sent last week to political parties in Ottawa, contained notes in addition to the body parts, but the writings gave police little indication of why they were being mailed to those destinations.

From the Globe and Mail:

The macabre case has now spanned the breadth of Canada and parts of Europe, and raises puzzling questions about what might connect an alleged killer and cannibal to two schools in British Columbia. Two other packages, containing a left hand and left foot, were mailed to federal parties in Ottawa.

Cdr. [Ian] Lafrenière said in an interview that Mr. Magnotta did spend time in Vancouver, but he couldn’t specify when or for how long. The packages to Vancouver, like those mailed to Ottawa, contained notes, but their contents don’t offer any clues.

“Why Vancouver, why two schools? We ask the same question: Why Ottawa, why two political parties?” Cdr. Lafrenière said at an earlier press briefing.