Police won't let convicted killer have his slasher movie back

EDMONTON – Edmonton police have blocked an attempt by convicted killer Mark Twitchell to get a slasher movie he shot out of the evidence lock up.

Twitchell was found guilty in the first-degree murder of Johnny Altinger, who thought he was going to meet a woman from the Internet when he showed up at the killer’s home.

Twitchell ambushed Altinger, clobbered him on the skull, knifed him in the chest and throat, watched him bleed out on the floor of his garage and dismembered him.

Twitchell claimed he was trying to convince Altinger to take part in a publicity stunt for a slasher movie Twitchell had recently shot.

Police seized hours and hours of film footage shot by Twitchell.

Staff Sgt. Bill Clark, lead investigator in the case, said Twitchell recently sent a friend of his to try and get the film back.

“Obviously we’re not going to give it back just because someone comes and requests it, especially when that someone is not technically the owner of it,” said Clark.

He said there is some fear that Twitchell could profit from the footage.

“We’ve had other prisoners who have tried to write books,” said Clark. “It’s quite possible and quite logical. Knowing Twitchell and the way he thinks and that type of personality, he’s going to be thinking he’s out in 25 years.”

The film footage was held as potential evidence in the murder trial, but was never entered.

One of the videos he wants access to is “House of Cards,” a short film that mimics the killing of Altinger.